Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reno, Nevada and Points West and South, Part 2

So in Part 1 we found ourselves in the amazing city of San Francisco. Of course since we were in SF only for the day, we had to do as much as possible in the shortest period of time. We didn't have time or it would have been cool to do the computer tour of the city via small three wheeled, two passenger, "vehicles" that were buzzing all over. Instead we went for a trolley ride.

It's easy to see that if one lived in San Francisco, one would want to either live and work close to where the trolley goes, or own a car with an automatic transmission. Those hills are steep!

But the view from the tops of the hills is really scenic. That's the Embarcadero (below) at the edge of the water...

The next few days were taken up with meetings (commonly known as the sensitive alternative to work) until Thursday. Originally the conference was supposed to last until noon on Thursday, but it ended Wednesday afternoon instead. The conference chairman had arranged for a luncheon cruise on Lake Tahoe for Thursday on the sternwheeler MS Dixie II. The food was good and the lake was as flat as a floor. It was quite a contrast from last Saturday (see Part 1). That's the MS Dixie on the right.

As we cruised across the lake, the robotic tour guide (prerecorded live) pointed out the state line between Nevada and California. It was the first time I've ever actually seen a state line. The slanting line to the left is a ski lift.

There is a bay on the far side of Lake Tahoe called Emerald Bay. The water in Lake Tahoe is like Ivory soap, it's 99 and 44/100th's percent pure, and it's incredibly clear and blue. Except in Emerald Bay. In Emerald Bay, the lake bottom comes close enough to the surface to turn the water to, yes, emerald green. Emerald Bay was once owned by a very rich lady who wanted a medieval style house, which was built in I believe 1924 and is called Viking House. It now belongs to the National Park Service, and can be toured.

As soon as we got back to the hotel, we had to catch a shuttle to the airport so we could wing our way home. We got home about midnight, and I had to be in Ellensburg, Washington by 11 the next day to go to a college rodeo, so it was a short night...

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