Monday, March 9, 2009

Sisley Creek Press now has a home

Sisley Creek Press now has its very own home on the WWW! I've got the site set up, now I just need to add some pages. I was gonna do book excerpts on here, but it's a royal pain to keep them where folks can find them easily, so I'm gonna do them on the site, and link from here to the excerpts. Much better idea!

There are currently only a few pages built; there's the front page for the site, and a page that introduces the bookstore part of this whole convoluted enterprise. I'll eventually have separate pages for each of the books that you can see over to the left here, along with author profiles, excerpts, etc.

This is getting to be exciting, at least to me. Anybody who has read very many of the posts on here is probably getting a little bored with it all, but to me it's a grand new adventure. I've never attempted anything like this before, and I'm looking forward to it...

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